developed by ambidextrous artist Donna Mikkelsen

Donna Mikkelsen is an ambidextrous artist living in Beacon, New York. She has been developing her method of symmetry drawing as an artistic daily practice and a teaching tool for over 25 years. In this Tedx Talk Donna demonstrates how sometimes our most epic failures are exactly what we need to propel us forward in life.

Donna has been exploring ambidextrous drawing for over 25 years. She has developed her own unique style and turned her passion into a daily practice of drawing meditation. She uses her symmetry drawing method to create art and as a teaching tool for all ages.

Artist: Donna Mikkelsen

Artist: Donna Mikkelsen

I’ve had a little obsession with ambidexterity since I was a small child so it wasn’t completely out the blue when at 19 years old I picked up two pens and started to draw. Something just clicked. My brain switched on in a new way and I have been exploring symmetry drawing ever since.

AMBI ARTS engages both hemispheres of the brain. It creates a balanced, happy meditative state. It has become part of my daily practice. I use it as a way to connect to my inner worlds, to listen to my body and give expression to things ordinarily unseen.

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"Practices at the Crossroads of Art and Meditation" with John Simon. Donna talks about the healing power of her ambidextrous art practice.

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